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Topographical Surveys

Utilimap were commissioned by Powys Council to undertake Topographical Surveys at several school sites to aid in the design and build of new extensions, or new school sites.

Using the latest Equipment form Leica, and with software from AppsinCAD we were able to survey these sites all our of school hours and provide the client with quality detailed information of each site in both 2d & 3d formats, all delivered safely, on time and budget.

topographical survey Powys Council

Laser Scanning

Utilimap were commissioned to undertake a full external and internal Laser Scan at a major manufacturing/R&D facility to aid in the design of a new stairwell, all structural beams and columns were captured along with the locations of all overhead data cabling ducts/service trays, electrical wiring, lighting and any pipework, all essential at this early stage, enabling the design engineers to determine and address any structural conflicts.

Using the latest scanners from Faro, along with Faro Scene and Leica Cyclone, we were able to create an accurate point cloud model, on grid, on time and budget.

Underground Utility Mapping (PAS 128)

Commissioned by Vale of Glamorgan Council, we were tasked to undertake a (PAS 128 level B) survey at a major road junction in central Penarth, the information being vital at design stage to determine the location of all underground utilities highlighting any conflicting utilities which may hinder the design and implementation of the new road, traffic islands and foot-ways.

Using EML locators form Radiodetection, Mala Ground Radars and software GPR Slice to post process the GPR data all information was delivered safely on both time and budget.